CMR1900 Conference 2015

Anual meeting of the Christian-Muslim Relations A bibliographical History Research (CMR1900)

The anual meeting of the CMR1900 is taking place or took place (if you read this article after 23rd of september) from september 21 to 23, 2015, at Birmingham University, in the UK. We were 29 participants. Our confrere Moussa Serge Traore participated in the meeting as responsable (Section Editor) of the project for South America.  We talked about the progress of the work.  We have just published Volume 7 on the XVIth century.  We are now working on the documents of the XVIIth century. A lot of editing work has to be done before we get the book be published by Brill.

The purpose of the CMR1900 is to produce the history of Christian-Muslim relations throughout the world in the period 1500-1900, as the history is represented in documents written by Christians and Muslims about and against the other.  It comprises a series of volumes covering regions of the world in successive centuries.   The volumes are made up of entries on individual authors and works, together with introductory essays.  Entries reflect the current state of research, though they may sometimes contribute new information or offer new interpretations and insights.  There is also an online version.

CMR is intended as a tool for specialists in Christian-Muslims Relations, and also  for students who are beginning research in the field.  It is designed to make information available in an acurate and accessible form.

The introductory essays in each volume cover the historical context in which the works included were wrtten, and topics of general importance for the period.  The entries each consist of two or more main parts: a biography of the author or history of the issuing organisation, and an account of each work and its significance for Christian-Muslim relations.  Each part contains bibliographical lists, which for some works can be extensive.  The main focus is on the religious and spiritual aspects of Christian-Muslim relations. 

The print version of CMR1900 is published by Brill, Leiden, as part of the History of Christian-Muslim Relations series.

Moussa Serge Traore

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