The role of interfaith dialogue in conflict resolution

A case study: the interfaith response to the Rwandan Genocide

Inter-religious dialogue is a powerful means for conflict resolution. This is not disputable. It is obvious because those who are fighting and those who are holding peace talks are believers. I suppose that people never stripped themselves from their religions while fighting or while seeking peace. It is also obvious that each religion has its own way of dealing with conflicts. We are not interested here in the response of each religion to conflicts. We are seeking a common answer, an inter-religious response. The usual model: Christian perspective on violence, for example, then Muslim perspective on violence, then we look for some sorts of communalities does not work. We would like to propose something new. The question we would like to answer is how could inter-religious dialogue be more efficacious in conflict resolution? What we need is a methodology that could help in seeking together a solution and acting together.Read more

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