Call for Papers

in search for an African approach to Christian-Muslim Relations

Research question (Theme)

What could be a typical African approach to Christian-Muslim Relations? What could be a contribution of Africa to the reflections of Christian-Muslim Relations? What could be an African perspective of Christian-Muslim Relations?

Who can contribute? (Contributors)

Africans scholars, post-graduate (Master or Doctorate) in Religious Studies, Study of Christianity, Study of Islam, Study of Muslim-Christian Relations. Please send us your biography.

Important dates

Send the abstract of your academic paper (250- 300 words) and a your short biography by June 30, 2020. The full paper (5000 words) should be sent by the end of December 2020.


Abstracts and Papers should be submitted to:

Outcome of the papers?

Each scholar will present his paper during an Academic Conference to be held in one African University. After the conference each scholar will rework his paper for publication. All the papers will be published in form of a book or a journal.

Who are we?

The African Christian-Muslim Reflection is a research project of African scholars in the field of the Study of Christianity, study of Islam, and study of Christian-Muslim Relations. The objective is to promote academic research into Christian-Muslim relations in Africa, from an African-centered perspective and framework.

Coordinators of the project

Moussa Serge Traore, M.A in Studies of Religions and Cultures, especialization Islam (Pontifical Gregorian University-Rome, Italy) and Omar Sillah, PhD (Pontifical University of St. Thomas, Rome, Italy)

Be part of the project!

Welcome to the African Christian-Muslim Reflection Project! Please send us references of research works and publications by African scholars you may know of. Be part of the project! Send us the references of your own research work and publications. Please visit for further information.

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