Guidelines for publications

The African Christian-Muslim Reflections Projet is a research project with a focus on African perspectives on Christian-Muslim Relations. The Project welcomes high-quality research and analysis by African scholars that explore Christian-Muslim relations. The project is particularly interested in African approaches of Muslim-Christian Studies.

Focus and Scope

The ACMRP is a brand new project interested in any aspect related to Christian-Muslim relations. This project invites original empirical research, literature reviews, theoretical or methodological contributions, integrative reviews, meta-analyses, and comparative or historical studies on various topics related to Christian-Muslim Studies.

Editorial Board

All submitted papers are reviewed by the editorial board before being accepted for publication.

  • Chief Editor: 
  • Consulting Editors:
  • International advisory board

Guidelines for Contributors

submit materials by an e-mail attachment (Microsoft Word):

Submission Instructions

  • Spacing: 1.5-spaced throughout (including tables)
  • The font: Times New Roman – size 12
  • Margins: 2.5 cm.
  • Style: Chicago Manual of Style
  • Language: any language
  • Format: Microsoft Word format.
  • The notes: endnotes.
  • Graphs and illustrations: at the end of the manuscript, one to a page, with their locations and captions clearly indicated in the text of the manuscript.


  • write an Abstract of approximately 250- 300 words.
  • Regular articles: should be around 5,000 words, including notes

Book reviews, essay reviews

should normally be 1000 words.

Author Guidelines

Title Page

Author’s Name
Author’s Contact, Affiliation, and Mailing Address (Department, Institution, City, State, E-Mail, Phone)
Abstract 250- 300words
Maximum 5 keywords


Authored book: Author’s last name, Initials. (Publication year). Complete title (edition, if not the Publication location: Publishing company.

Chapter in an edited book: Author’s last name, Initials. (Publication date). Title of the chapter. Initials and last name of the Editor (Ed.), Complete title of the book(first-final page numbers). Publication location: Publishing company.

Print journal article: Author’s last name, Initials (Publication date). Title of article. Title of Periodical, volume, first- final page numbers.

Article in an online journal: Include a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) if the journal lists one. If no DOI is available, list a URL.

Dissertation or thesis: Author’s last name, Initials (Year of defense). Title of work. Indication of the type of work, Institution, Location.

Article in a newspaper or popular magazine: Newspaper and magazine articles may be cited in running text instead of in a note, and they are commonly omitted from a bibliography. If you consulted the article online, include a URL; an access date only if your publisher or discipline requires one. If no author is identified, begin the citation with the article title.

Website: A citation to website content can often be limited to a mention in the text or in a note. Because such content is subject to change, include an access date or, if available, a date that the site was last modified.

Blog entry or comment: Blog entries or comments may be cited in running text instead of in a note, and they are commonly omitted from a bibliography. There is no need to add pseud. after an apparently fictitious or informal name.


  • author’s last name, followed by the publication year between parentheses.
  • work by three, four or five authors: list all the last names the first time a reference to the work appears, and in subsequent references give only the first author’s name followed by “et al.” and the publication year.
  • work has six or more authors: give only the first author’s name followed by “et al.” i

Tables: Each table should appear on a separate page with a brief descriptive title. The tables should be numbered consecutively and placed at the end of the manuscript following references.

Figures: All illustrations and charts should be referred to as Figures in the text.

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