Curriculum Vitae

Life Resume

1971, September 30, birth at Gagnoa (Ivory Coast).

1971-1991, lived in Ivory Coast

1991-1993, Student of Medicine at the University of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

1993-2003: Missionary Religious formation in different African countries.

2003, July 13, ordained Catholic Priest.

2003-2005, lived and worked as a missionary priest in Rwanda

2005-2008, Master Studies Program in Egypt and Italy.

2009-2011, lived and worked as a missionary priest in Rwanda

2011-2012, lived and worked as a missionary priest in Mauritania.

2012, September- 2019, December, lived and worked as a missionary priest in Brazil

2020, January – June, preparation for PhD studies


Fundamental Education

1977-1983 : Primary School (Cote D’Ivoire). 1983, obtained the Elementary Primary School Certificate.

1983-1987: First Cycle of Secondary School, at The Scientific High School of Yamoussokro, Cote d’Ivoire. 1987, obtained The First Cycle Secondary School Certificate

1987-1990: Second Cycle of Secondary School, at Modern High School of Sakassou, Cote d’Ivoire. 1990, obtained the Diploma of Baccalaureate (GCEA-Levels)

Undergraduate Studies

1991-1993: Faculty of Medicine, at The University of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

1993-1996: Missionary Formation (Philosophy) at the Kossoghen Seminary, Ouagadou (Burkina Faso)

1999-2003: Theology, at Tangaza College/The Catholic University Of Eastern Africa

2003, obtained The Diploma in Mission Studies

2003, obtained the Diploma in Theology

2003, obtained The Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology

Post-Graduate Studies

2007-2008: Study of Islamics at the Pontifical Institute of the Study of Arabic and Islamics (Rome/Italy). 2008, obtained The Diploma in Arabic and IslamicStudies

2006-2008 : Study of Religions And Cultures, specialization Islam, at the Institute Of The Studies Of Religions And Cultures/Pontificia Università Gregoriana, (Rome/Italy). 2008, obtained The Master of Arts, specialization Islam

2005-2006, Study of Arabic, at the Dar Comboni Institute of Arabic Studies, Cairo, Egypt. 2006, obtained the Certificate of Arabic Studies.

Trainings, Seminars, Programs

2018 (November 04-09), Training on the Child Protection at the General House of the Missionaries of Africa, Rome, Italy. Training organized by the Centre for Child Protection of the Pontifical Gregorian University.

2017 (February ), Child Abuse and Child Protection. Formation of the Child Protection Delegate of the Society of the Missionaries of Africa. Seminar organized by the Centre for Child Protection of the Pontifical Gregorian University (Rome, Italy). Duration: 1 week.

2008 (September 14-December 7): Fulbright Interfaith Community Action Programme in at Temple University (Philadelphia, PA, HartfordSeminary (Hartford,CT), Iliff School of Theology (Denver,CO), The Catholic University of America (Washington, D.C.). Awarded a certificate in recognition of participation in the Fulbright Interfaith Community Action Program 2008, by the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board and the US Department of State

2008 (September 14 – October 2): Interreligious Dialogue Training, at The Dialogue Institute at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. obtained the Certificate of completion of the interreligious Dialogue Training

Conferences, Symposium

2017 (April 3-6), “Theological Leadership in the Context of Islam (TLCI) consultation”, at the Middle East Institute of Beirut (Liban). My contribution: The Teaching of Islam in Catholic Institutions of Education.

2015 (September 21-23), CMR1900 Project Conference, at Woodbrooke, Birmingham University (UK). My contribution: The Documents from South America.

2015 (February 23-27), The 4th Symposium of Missiology in Brazil, at the Missionary Cultural Centre (Brasilia-Brazil). My contribution: “Resonances of the II Vatican Council in the Mission in Islamic Countries”.

2014 (May 26-29), “International Theological Conference: Interfaith Dialogue Paths to Dialogue in our age”, at The Australian Catholic University, Melbourne (Australia). My contribution: “An African Christian Perspective of Interfaith Dialogue”.

2012 (July 23-27), International Conference “The African Christian and Islam Consultation”, at St Paul University (Nairobi-Kenya). My Contribution: “Journeying together: witness in a multi-faith context from the African Roman Catholic Church perspective.”

2010 (July6-10): International Academic Conference “The African Christian And Islam.” My contribution: A Bible reflection on Luke 7:1-10, Healing the centurion’s Slave as the basis for an African critical theological approach to Islam.

2010 (mars 4), Academic Symposium on “A Common Word between Us”, at the Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences (Butare, Rwanda). My Contribution: “A critical reflexion on the christian responses to the “Common Word” Initiative.”

2008 (December 5-6), “Interfaith Dialogue Conference” at The Catholic University, Washington D.C, USA. My Contribution: “The role of Interfaith Dialogue in Mediation and Conflict Resolution. A Case study: the interfaith response to the Rwandan Genocide”.

2008 (September 9-12), Scribani International Conference on The Role of Religion in the Integration of Europe. My contribution presented: “The contribution of the religions and cultures of the immigrants to the integration of Europe.”

Missionary Religious Formation

1993-1996, Religious and Philosophical Formation at the Seminary of Kossoghen of The Society of the Missionaries of Africa, Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso).
1996-1997, Spiritual Formation at St Martin de Tours Spiritual Center, Kahangala (Tanzania)
1997-1999, Apostolic Training (Stage) at St. Charles Lwanga Parish, Kigali (Rwanda).
1997, September – 1998, March: Study of Kinyarwanda and Rwandan Cultures at the Centre de Langues de Kigali (Rwanda).
1999-2003, Theological Studies at Tangaza College (The Catholic University of Eastern Africa), Nairobi (Kenya)
2002, September 14, Missionary Oath (Final commitment) in the Society of the Missionaries of Africa, Nairobi (Kenya)
2003, July 13, Priestly Ordination at the Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral, Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso)

Work Experiences

2016 (January-December 2019), Funder and Director of the Cardeal Lavigerie Center of Studies and Research for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (Salvador, Bahia, Brazil)

2016 (December 10-2019, December 10), Parish Priest of St James Catholic Parish (Salvador, Bahia, Brazil).

2016 (April-until June 2019), Child Protection Delegate of the Society of the Missionary of Africa. Funder and Coordinator of Princess Tamar Project for Child Abuse Protection.

2016 (April- ), appointed Missionary of Mercy of the Catholic Church by Pope Francis. Spiritual Retreat and on-going formation Preacher.

2015 (until 2018), Visiting Lecturer on Missionary Spirituality and Mission Ad Gentes Courses at the Centro Cultural Missionário (Missionary Cultural Centre) of the Brazilian National Episcopal Conference of the Bishop (Brasilia, DF, Brazil)

2015 (until 2017, June 30), Vocation Promoter for Brazil, of the Society of the Missionaries of Africa.

2015, Section Editor for Latine America of the Project CMR1900 Christian-Muslim Relations: A Bibliographical History 1500-1900.

2014 (until 2019, June 30), Coordinator of the Diocesan Missionary Council and The Missionary Action of the Archdiocese of São Salvador da Bahia (Salvador, Bahia, Brazil).

2013 (until 2018, June 30), Provincial Delegate for the Sector Brazil of the Society of the Missionaries of Africa.

2013 (march-2015, August 31) Parish Priest of St Monica Parish, in Salvador, BA

2009 (January – January 2011), Collaborator of the Missionary Center of Kigali of the Missionaries of Africa, Visiting Lecturer on Religions and Inter-Religious Dialogue at the Institute of Religious Sciences of Butare, (Rwanda), Collaborator in the Muslim and Christian Programme in Rwanda.

2003 (July-July 2005), Assistant Parish Priest of St Peter Catholic Parish, Kigali, Rwanda, Collaborator in the Muslim and Christian Programme, Visiting Lecturer of Inter-religious Dialogue at the Institue of Religious Studies of Butare, Rwanda.


Jula (Bambara), Kinyarwanda, Kiswahili, French, English, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic

Study of Languages

2012 (September – December), Brazilian Portuguese, history, and culture, at the Cultural Missionary Center (Brasilia, DF, Brazil)

2011 (September- 2012, June), Hassaniya Arabic, with a private teacher (Atar, Mauritania).

2006 (July – September), Italian at the Centro Unitario per la Cooperazione Missionaria, (Verona, Italy)

2005 (September – 2006, June), Classical Arabic, Dar Comboni Insitute for Arabic Studies, (Cairo, Egypt).

1997 (September – March of 1998), Kinyarwanda and Rwanda Culture, Centre de langues de Kigali, Rwanda.

1996 (July), English at Tamale Cultural Centre (Tamale, Ghana)

1995 (July), English at Tamale Cultural Centre (Tamale, Ghana)

1994 (July), English at Tamale Cultural Centre (Tamale, Ghana)

Countries visited

Africa: Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Mali, Senegal, Mauritania, Nigeria, Niger (only one day), Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, RD Congo, Ethiopia

Middle East: Egypt, Lebanon.

Europe: France, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, United Kingdom

Asia: India

Americas: Canada, United States, Mexico, Haiti, St Domingue, Brazil



2016, Reencontrar a harmonia. Os caminhos do Cristianismo, (Belo Horizonte: O Lutador, 2016).

2014, Rencontrer l’harmonie. Les Voies du Christianisme, (Paris: l’Harmattan, 2014).

2010, The Truth in Islam according to the Official Teaching of the Catholic Church, (Paris: L’Harmattan, 2010)

Academic Articles

2009, “The contribution of the religions and cultures of the immigrants to the integration of Europe” in Marincak, Šimon (ed.), Religion: Problem or Promise? The Role of Religion in the Integration of Europe (Košice: Centrum spirituality Východ – Západ Michala Lacka, 2009)

Non-academic Articles


2016 (September 6), “The Desert Master of Spirituality and Mission” in the Course of Missionary Spirituality of the Missionary Cultural Center of Brasilia. (7 hour-Lecture).

2016 (August 15-16) “The cultural and cross-cultural dimension of Mission” in the Mission Ad Gentes Course of the Missionary Cultural Center of Brasilia. My lecture: 14 hours.

2015 (September 2), “Mission as a humble daring. The Querigmatic Dimension of Mission in the Spiritual Experience of Inculturation ” in the Course of Missionary Spirituality of the Missionary Cultural Center of Brasilia. (7 hour-Lecture)

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