Cardinal Lavigerie Centre

Centre for Inter-religious and Intercultural Dialogue


a training, study and research center for the promotion of inter-religious and intercultural dialogue. The center belongs to the Society of Missionaries of Africa. An agreement was signed between the Society of Missionaries of Africa and the Catholic University of the Savior (UCSal) on January 20, 2016.



The purpose of the Center is to clarify the many questions relating to the relationship between Christianity and Religions in the Americas, and more particularly between Christianity and Afro-Brazilian religions. The Comparative Study makes it possible to acquire the historical, philosophical, theological and political knowledge necessary for the analysis of inter-religious relations, argumentation and constructive debate.


Laics, priests, religious. The activities are prepared in collaboration with the different faculties and institutes of the University.


  • Visits
  • Symposia
  • Congress
  • Courses
  • Conferences
  • Roundtables
  • Formations
  • Tv-Program
  • Radio Program
  • Research Projects
  • Publications

Collection of books

Cardinal Lavigerie Collection



Director: Pe. Moussa Serge Hyacinthe Traore, mafr.
Technical Advisor: Ir. Judite Mayer, nds.
Executive Secretary: Diácono Washington Souza

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