CMR1900 Woodbrooke Meeting 2015


Monday 21.09.15 – Wednesday 23.09.15

All Plenary sessions will be in the Cadbury Room

Opening session: General progress and update; followed by an introduction to the CMR Reader, led by Alex Mallett.

Session 1: Selecting for relevance: ensuring relevance when compiling the lists. 

Session 2: Selecting for relevance cont., followed by editing for relevance: ensuring the relevance of entries when preparing them for publication (for this session, please ensure that you have access to a copy of the Contributor Guidelines). 

Session 3: Editing for relevance cont. 

Session 4: Regional planning session: Planning session for future volumes in regional teams.

Session 5: Regional planning session cont. followed by an introduction to the CMR Thematic Volumes, led by Douglas Pratt.

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