Ignatian Meditation

1. The Preparatory Prayer 

· The Preparatory Prayer is to ask God our Lord for the grace that all my intentions, actions and operations may be ordered purely to the service and praise of the Divine Majesty

2. The Preludes

· The First Prelude is a composition by imagining the place

· The Second Prelude is to ask God our Lord for what I want and desire

3. The Points of Meditation (choose some points of the text you would like to reflect on)

· The First Point 

· The Second Point

· The Third Point

· (more points if needed)

4. The Colloquy

· To the Father, or to Christ, or to Mary

· A colloquy is made, properly speaking, in the way one friend speaks to another or a servant to one in authority-now begging for a favor, now accusing oneself of some misdeeds, now telling one’s concerns and asking counsel about them. Close reciting an Our Father

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