Baccalaureate in Missiology

Fundamental courses

  • Introduction to Missiology
  • Missiological Literature
  • Mission in the New and the Old Testament • History of the Missionary Church
  • Systematic Theology of Mission
  • Theology of Missionary Spirituality
  • Church and Mission
  • Theology of Religions
  • Theology of Inculturation
  • Missionary Pastoral Theology
  • Catechesis in the Church’s Mission
  • Inter-religious Dialogue
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • History and Phenomenology of Religion

Auxiliary courses

  • Methodology of the Scientific Work
  • Seminar
  • Two courses of introduction to Religions chosen from: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Post-Biblical Judaism, Traditional Religions of Africa, Confucianism, Taoism, Shinto Religion, Religious traditions of Latin America

Licentiate in Missiology


  • Anthropology and Missiology
  • Ministries for Mission: Theological and Pastoral Aspects
  • Church and the Kingdom: Implications for Mission
  • Eucharist and Mission
  • Missionary Canon Law
  • Mission and Ecumenism: History, Theology and Prospects for Dialogue
  • Evangelization in Asia: History, Contemporary Theological and Pastoral Trends
  • Evangelization in Africa: History, Present-day Theological and Pastoral Trends
  • Evangelization in Latin America: History of Missionary Activity, Tasks and Prospects
  • Evangelization in Europe: Tasks and Prospects
  • China and Christianity: History, Issues and Perspectives
  • Christianity and Postmodernism
  • Morality and Evangelization
  • Controversial Passages from the Bible


  • Contextual Theology and Mission: Patterns and Prospects
  • Interpersonal Communication and Group Dynamics
  • Fundamentalism and Religious Intolerance
  • Religious Language
  • A New Way of Being Church: the Lumko Method in Africa, Asia and Europe and the Promotion of Small Christian Communities
  • International Human Rights from the Perspective of the Missionary Activity of the Church
  • Mission, Economics and Ethics Other activities
  • Course on the Methodology of study and Research in Missiology
  • Courses in Preparation for the Comprehensive Examination

Extra-curricular academic activity

  • Latin
  • Foreign Language
  • Comprehensive Examination
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