Princess Tamar Project


Princess Tamar Project is a non-profit project for the prevention of children and adolescents against sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

The reality

There is no time to dally on prevention. Millions of children and adolescents are writhing in agony. The heavy toll of sexual abuse is linked to the failure to enact widespread preventive measures. Sexual child abuse is an epidemic. We chide those who underestimate the severity of child abuse epidemic


Princess Tamar Project was founded in 2008 in Brasil by Father Moussa Serge Hyacinthe Traore, a Catholic Missionary Priest, appointed Missionary of Mercy by Pope Francis em 2016, and also Delegate for Child Protection of the Society of the Missionaries of Africa.


A childhood and adolescence free from sexual abuse and sexual exploration


The integrity of the human person


  • to protect children and adolescents from sexual abuse and sexual exploration
  • to empower children and adolescents to avoid sexual abuse and sexual exploration

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