Research Projects


Researcher: Moussa Serge Hyacinthe Traore

Assistant: Gloria Maria Santana Pereira


  • Promote studies of religions
  • promote research on religions

Research Projects

  1. CMR1500: Christian-Muslim Relations: A Bibliographical History 1500-1900
  2. IB1835: Islam in Brazil
  3. RARAB1800: African Roots of Afro-brazilian Religions
  4. SHENAQITA1000: The Islamic Scholars of the Mauritanian Desert
  5. ACI2010: The African Christian and Islam Project
  6. TLCI: Theological Leadership in Context of Islam
  7. The Arabic Documents of the State Archives of Bahia.
  8. The Catholic Church and Afro-Brazilian Religions
  9. The African Christian-Muslim Reflection Project



Resources-online library

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