1st Seminar of Missiology organized by CNBB

The First Seminar of Missiology organized by the Brazilian National Bishops’ Conference was held in Brasilia from 10 to 14 June 2019. The theme was “Baptized and sent: the Church of Christ in mission in the world”. Missiologists from all over Brazil were invited. By missiologists we understand people who have a postgraduate, masters, or doctorate in Missiology, Theology, Theology of Mission, Sciences of Religions and Cultures…We were 40 missiologists.

Day 1: June 10, 2019. We begin with the Eucharistic celebration. After dinner, the participants presented themselves: Bishops, priests, laity, religious. Father Jaime Gusberti presented the synthesis of the mission meetings of mission ad gentes organized by the Brazilian Episcopal Conference.

Day 2: June 11, 2019. Fr. Estevão Raschietti developed the theme of “Mission ad gentes and the process of colonization and decolonization. In the afternoon we deepened the theme presented in groups. We shared about the story of a sister who was disappointed in the mission ad gentes and decided to return to Brazil. Bishop Odelir Magri, President of the Episcopal Pastoral Commission for Missionary Action and Inter-Church Cooperation presented the proposals of the CNBB on the occasion of the Extraordinary Missionary Month. We closed the day with the film “Fathers of Ataúro”, Italian missionaries in East Timor.

Day 3, Wednesday, June 12, 2019. Bishop Vittorino Girardi, Bishop Emeritus in Costa Rica, revisited the mission ad gentes in the teaching of the Church from Vatican II. We elaborate on the theme in group work with 3 questions: 1. Does insisting on Missio Dei diminishes the mission of the church? 2. What are the characteristics of the missionary ad gentes in the paradigmatic Mission Ad Gentes model? 3. Why recognizing the values ​​of other religions requires the explicit proclamation of the gospel? Fr. Mauricio Jardim presented the “National Missionary Program: History, Objectives, SEE and ILLUMINATE” and Fr. Antônio Niemec presented the priorities and projects of the Program.

Day 4, Thursday, June 13, 2019. Some theologians presented their thoughts. Moussa Serge presented Missio Inter Gentes as a new missiological paradigm. Alexandre Fonseca de Paula reflected on the mission in the Amazon. Laura Cantoni developed the concepts of “mission ad gentes, inter gentes and ad extra” with a focus on the missiology of Pope Francis. José Geraldo de Melo reflected on “The world as a place of mission”. Adenildes Souza presented a theological inquiry on “Mission ad gentes and territoriality”. Fr. Raimundo Carvalho Gordiano spoke of the “mission ad gentes and the Amazonian territoriality”. Fr. Raschietti presented the Apostolic Letter “Maximum Illud” of Pope Benedict XV. We conclude the day with the presentation of the Pontifical Works of Mission, the structure of the Catholic Church for missionary animation, formation and information.

Day 5, June 6, 2019. We reflect on the steps we need to take to ensure that mission ad gentes is more deepened, more considered in the evangelizing action and more assumed by the Regionals as proposed by the National Missionary Program. We made some proposals. We encourage the annual organization of the Seminar of Missiology.

To read more: http://www.pom.org.br; http://www.cnbb.org.br

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