Tamar’s methodology 2

Step 2: Reflect on the reality of sexual abuse

What is it about?

Step 2 is about explaining what is sexual abuse? who abuses? Why? How? Where? When? What are the consequences? In general people have a superficial knowledge about sexual abuse. This is due to a lack of approach to the subject, associated to the stigma that involves sexual abuse. Clear, good and correct knowledge is important in preventing sexual abuse.


  • to carry correct information about sexual abuse
  • generate discussions aiming to stimulate critical thinking and autonomy about the subject
  • to promote a good sex education.
  • Good knowledge about sexual abuse.
  • Avoid confused knowledge and myths about sexual abuse

How to do it?

We use the question-response method: first let the audience respond. Then give the precise knowledge.

  • What is sexual abuse?
  • What are the forms of sexual abuse?
  • Who abuses?
  • How does a person abuse children?
  • Why does a man or a woman abuse children?
  • What are the consequences of sexual abuse?

The importance of good and precise knowledge

The results pointed that involved students have a superficial knowledge about these diseases, which may be due to a lack of approach to the subject, associated to the stigma that involves the subject. Therefore, it is concluded that investing in good sexual education is the way to solve this problem.

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