Tamar’s methodology 3

Step 3: Learn powerful responses

The third step is about learning powerful responses to sexual abuse. The potential abuser does not rape. In general he is a well-known and loved person. He will dominate his victim in a very intelligent way. It is important for children and adolescent to learn quick and powerful responses that may help avoid or escape abuse situation.

What is it?

Powerful responses are words, gestures that may disarm the abuser

What is the objective of the 3rd step?

To empower the child and adolescent

6 powerful responses of Princess Tamar

  1. Identify RISKS factors: persons, situations, and places. Open your eyes. Be alert. Keep away from them.
  2. Say a clear NO to any sexual contact. Don’t give to the other the impression that you want it but you hesitate.
  3. Tell the other that it is a CRIME. Sexual contact with a person under 18 is a CRIME. There is no “BUT”, “IT DEPENDS”.
  4. Show the CONSEQUENCES of sexual contact: there are consequences for the abuser, the victim, the families, the society at large
  5. Tell the other that you will not keep silence: the fact will be KNOWN. Don’t look at your own honor, the honor of your family. Don’t mind the threats of the abuser. If he or she abused you it is liking killing you. So what do you gain by keeping silence? Nothing. Denounce so that many other children and adolescents may be spared.
  6. Seek HELP: cry out for help, cry from the bottom of your heart. Don’t give in sexual abuse. Defend yourself. seek help at the moment of the act, seek help during the act, seek help after the act.


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