2010, The African Christian and Islam Project

In 2010  Dr. John Azumah former director of the Centre for Islamic Studies of the London School of Theology (UK) initiated The African Christian and Islam Project. It is a search for a critical African Christian approach to Islam. The objective of the project is to examine the various ways in which African Christians have encountered, responded to and engaged with Islam and Muslims over the years with the view of gaining insights and learning lessons for a much more biblically, theologically and missiologically sound ways of engagement in the contemporary African context. The project organized 2 conferences (2010 and 2012) and published one book. 

2020, The African Christian – Muslim Reflections Project

Ten years later Moussa Serge Traore who was part of The African Christian and Islam Project envisaged a more dialogical project including African muslim scholars. He contacted an African Muslim scholar, Omar Sillah. Thus both of them created The African Christian-Muslim Reflections Project.

Initiators and coordinators of the project

Moussa Serge Traore

He is from Burkina Faso born in Ivory Coast. He is a Catholic priest member of the Society of Missionary of Africa, an International Missionary Society dedicated to Christian-Muslim Relations. Master in The Studies of Religions and Cultures, specialization Islam, from the Pontifical Gregorian University (Rome-Italy), Certificate of Islamology from the Pontifical Institute of the Studies of Arabic and Islamics (Rome-Italy).

Omar Sillah from the Gambia,  (Ph.D.) 

He is Muslim Scholar from Gambia. Pontifical University of St. Thomas, Rome, Italy. Certificate of Graduation, Religious Pluralism Shalmon Hartman Institute, The Osher Department for Religious Pluralism, Jerusalem, Israel, B.A. in Social Science: Pontifical Angelicum University, Rome, Italy., License: Political Science and International Relations Pontifical Angelicum University, Rome, Italy. Graduation and Fellowship, Certificate, Russell Berrie Foundation for Inter-religious Dialogue, Institute for International Education, and Pope John Paul II Center for Inter-religious Dialogue Master of Arts, Inter-religious Studies Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, Italy. Diploma, International Political Jurisprudence School of International Politics, Development and Cooperation-(SPICeS), Rome, Italy, Ustathia/MA in Islamic Civilization Ezzaituan University, Tunis, Tunisia.

Who can be members of the project?

  • Africans
  • Scholar (Master and Doctorate) 
  • in Christian-Muslim Relations, Islamic Studies, Study of Christianity
  • No membership fee

Partner Institutions

  • The Sanneh Institute (Ghana)

Research questions:

  • What could be an African Islamic understanding of Christianity?
  • What could be an African Christian understanding of Islam?
  • What could be a specific African perspective on Christian-Muslim Relations?
  • what are Africans Scholars specific reflections on themes related to Christian-Muslim Relations? (like Muslim-Christian Marriage…)
  • What could be an Afro-Christiano-Muslim perspective on Africa’s original Religions


  • The specific contribution of African scholars in the field of Christian-Muslim Studies
  • A search for a specific African perspective on Christian-Muslim Relations
  • To promote African scholars in the field of study of religious coexistence in Africa
  • To promote academic research by Africans in the field of Christianity and Islam in Africa and Africa’s original religions
  • To promote and deepen Muslim-Christian understanding 


  • Books on specific themes: academic papers by African scholars.
  • Academic articles


  • Site (Book review, Non-published academic reflections, Presentation of our publications, on-line resources: bibliography, thesis, manuscripts…)
  • Conference
  • Book (academic papers presented at the conference)


  • Free donation from benefactors
  • The conference and publications will be presented as a project to international funding agencies
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